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Call Center Outsource

Some companies choose to outsource for the best customer services. Outsourcing your customer service will allow the company to focus on priorities. The customer service outsourcing will serve the needs of a company of the type of voice or non-voice calls.

Pure Moderation is one of the global business outsourcing solutions ( BPO ) in Asia and the USA. The customer service expertise in a wide range of modernization of data management. To get access to features tailored for your customer outsourcing service needs. Contact Pure Moderation today. a successful customer service in trust and integrity through quality services, open communication, and more than 15 years experience.

These are the services provided for your company.

  • Multilingual live phone support.

The Pure Moderation can provide your customers with speak the languages of:

  • English
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai
  • Indonesian
  • Hindi and
  • European languages.
  • Scrip-based live chat support.

Their live chat can access you in 24/7/365 on live chat and phone services. You can speak with them in any languages to provide your inquiries and needs.

Whatever your needs, Pure Moderation is a one-stop solution for anyone looking for customer service outsourcing assistance.

  • Email Support.

The email support, is a support channel to handle emails solution of customers concerns related of a product they ordered.

  • Customer ticket support.

The customer service representative will interact with customers concerns. The concerns about the online ticketing system to booked a ticket, update, and settle.

  • Social media customer service support.

The pure moderation will resolve customer questions or concerns. The representative will provide you track your brands and response quickly on customer messages.

  • In-app customer support.

The company will go beyond of expectation offer the mobile app support services both technical and customer service side.

  • Technical support services.

Pure Moderation will give solutions with clients’ log-in or installation problems. The technical services is quick response with customer-focused service and troubleshooting.

  • Retail and e-Commerce customer support.

The pure moderation will keep their loyal customers for coming back for more.

  • The video chat customer support.

To deliver excellent customer service for better customer interaction and quick responses. This video chat support can boost customer satisfaction and improve your brand.

 What is the advantage to the company outsourcing?

  • Improve Efficiency

The outsourcing will improve focus on core business activities.

Outsourcing frees up the charge of your business and allows the staff to focus on main tasks.

  • Cost Efficiency

Choosing outsourcing, your company will specialize in the service and help you achieve more productivity.

  • Controlled Costs

Cost savings by outsourcing can help you with investment and areas of your business.