How Is Road Equipment Installed?

The equipment on the roads all around the city look decorative but every single fixture is of so much significant value. The availability of road equipment also promotes equality and opportunity for all. In some cases, it works as a sign of instruction and in other cases it implements inclusivity among the society.

The installations on a road include every piece of equipment and fixtures you see around the street. The benches, tables, bollards, street lights, public sculptures, ramps, fences, mobile washrooms, water fountains, lamp posts, litter bins, telephone booths, barriers and barricades and many more. this list can be made endless.

Road Equipment Installation?

The various road equipment that are installed are not merely present to just fill the roads sides. If you notice, each fixture installed has its own importance. These equipment on the roads are to be used by the public. Hence, it is for your convenience.

  • Usually, any road equipment is installed as per the road safety requirements.
  • Installation of barricades, traffic signals, entry barriers, bollards of concrete etc. are considered visual signals and physical bars to help the public of the area.
  • These installations may or may not be permanent. They can be mobility friendly or even may have been constructed everlasting. As an example, talking about bollards, these bollards are everlasting and strong but the plastic or metallic bollards are easily movable and it can be simply fixed to a new needful area.

Types of Bollards

The materials used to make bollards depend on the purpose and the specific utilisation of the same. Following are the types of bollards that are widely used:

  • Concrete bollards
  • Aluminium bollards
  • Wood bollards
  • Steel bollards
  • Plastic bollards
  • Iron bollards

There are many more materials used to make certain bollards but the types mentioned above are the most commonly used ones. There are few other variants of steel and other materials too, which are less used in making bollards like stainless steel, polymer, ductile iron, cast steel, structural grade steel and more.

Concrete Bollards

To bring to your notice regarding these bollards, they are usually considered to be the strongest among all the other options. The bollards need concrete and are made through placing them into the moulds. Usually there isn’t a wide variety of such concrete moulds. They are more or less only a few designs. Since these bollards are made of cement, they are stronger than most of the other types of bollards and are also very evidently visible from a distance so as to work as a barrier or divert the traffic on the road.


Equipment on the streets enhance the look of the city and are also taken as landmarks of the city. And fixtures like benches are underrated but must be installed every here and there.