Ultimate Solution For Your Funeral Needs In Singapore

Losing a family, relative, or friend is an emotional, stressful, and difficult experience for many people. A lot of funeral services provide help to the bereaved people by giving assistance to get through the early phase of arranging a funeral by guiding them. There are various options available, regardless of the following:

  • pre-planning a funeral
  • arranging a funeral for a loved one
  • providing grief support

All these are difficult tasks. As one of the best funeral services in Singapore, Casket Fairprice is your go-to funeral service provider.

General services that guide you

Casket Fairprice will help you through the process of the following funeral needs:

  • Funeral parlors
  • Plan for a memorial

These two services are only a few of the packages covered on their service. If you want everything for your loved one’s funeral organized and everything is planned, go for Casket Fairprice.

As one of the best funeral services in Singapore, Casket Fairprice is your go-to funeral service provider.

What are the funeral packages offered?

Casket Fairprice understands that people come from different religions and beliefs. Thus, the funeral service provider offers several packages, namely:

  • Direct cremation
  • Buddhist
  • Christian
  • Freethinker
  • Roman Catholic
  • Soka
  • Taoist
  • International repatriation

There are more of these services, including the casket and embalming services and the preparation of the memorial ceremony. As a family member arranging the funeral, it is easy for you when you avail the funeral packages of Casket Fairprice.

Funeral service pricing

These are various funeral services offered around Singapore. But, you can try to make a comparison among them. With this idea, it is easy for you to check out the services under one funeral package.

Caskets are offered at different prices according to the kind. There are standard and special caskets to choose from. If you wish to get the pricey one, then you should negotiate with Casket Fairprice, the funeral provider can arrange it for you.

The cost of the funeral package comes with different prices according to the chosen package.

Payment option

Casket Fairprice offers convenient payment options, even online payment. For customers looking for an easy funeral arrangement, you can have it here. Credit cards are accepted. So, either you are anywhere in the world and want to pay for the funeral service, make it online. Whether you are out of Singapore and want to pay, make it through online – as easy as that!

There is no need to complicate things like spending time looking for expensive funeral services in Singapore while you have Casket Fairprice.