Most Successful Online Events In 2020

2020 was different. It was really hard to survive. We have never seen a year like this before. The coronavirus pandemic had changed the whole living pattern of the universe. This whole year we lived like primitive people who used to live in caves. Yes our home was like a cave for this entire year. But somehow this year has taught us so many things. It taught us how to survive without an active social life. It taught us how we could use the internet to make ourselves more productive. The biggest example is the massive success of online events. In this article we will tell you about such successful events that have made a huge impact on today’s society.

SBC Digital Summit- The SBC Digital Summit has left a huge impact in 2020. They created an improved digital platform through which people get a super comfortable virtual experience. In this event they had talked about advantages of arranging exhibitions where people could see some good arts and interact with each other. This virtual platform was really unique. There participants arrived in a particular section called “lobby”. After their arrival in this lobby section they had access to different rooms. Such rooms were full of nice things to checkout. Participants were allowed to go to any booths they liked. One more interesting thing about this online event is it arranged a conference Auditorium as well. In this auditorium participants can see the presentations related to this virtual exhibition. So yes, this is the most successful event of 2020 about what people talk about even in this 2021.

Great American 5000- If you are a sportsperson you must have heard about this before. This was the most interesting event arranged in 2020. This event had left a huge impact in the area of fitness. It was about motivating people to stay fit even in this pandemic situation. It was a unique fitness event where participants will be instructed to have a virtual run. This virtual run was about three-month duration. There was a virtual map given to every participant to follow up their assigned destination. This event gained massive success in 2020. It helped so many people to stay fit mentally even in during this pandemic year.

World Tour Sydney- This event was organized in March of 2020. The whole event was organized by an organization called Salesforce. This event had bought some fresh air in that early pandemic situation when people were becoming suffocated, frustrated by staying in a four walls room. It gave participants the virtual experience of a world tour through live-streaming. This event achieved huge success with 80,000 viewers at a time.

Even Though 2020 was hard, we didn’t give up, we didn’t forget to smile, learn and explore. The above listed events are examples of humans’ not giving up spirit.

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