Customize Your Flexible Packaging Needs

When it comes to custom frozen food packaging as well as flexible packaging for other types of foods and products, the world is your well-preserved oyster! Flexible packaging is a solution for many manufacturers, including those in the pet food, health and beauty, frozen foods, supplements, and lawn and garden industries. No matter the product, there’s a way to customize the packaging so that it preserves, protects and promotes the contents. Here are five ways you can customize your packaging.

  1. Style and Size

From individual-size custom stand up pouches to family-size lay-flat varieties, you have an abundant choice when it comes to packaging styles and sizes. For example, many dried food manufacturers prefer the hanging pouches seen in grocery stores and drugstores. This type of packaging allows easy storage while the product’s in transit and on display. Frozen food manufacturers often opt for the lay-flat varieties that offer more servings and flexible storage while in transit and supermarket freezers.

  1. Closure

If you manufacture a product that only adults should access, consider a certified child-resistant zipper. Need an easy-access closure for packaging for consumers of all ages and abilities? Choose tear notches, press-to-close zippers or no zippers. If you’re interested in custom frozen food packaging, you may want to explore a cold-seal closure that keeps moisture in and oxygen out. As you can see, you can customize your packaging down to the closure.

  1. Finish

The finish of your flexible packaging contributes to the allure of your product and consumers’ perception of it, as well as their buying choices. Finish options include gloss, matte, soft-touch matte and metalized, which allow you to complement or set off your package’s contents. For example, imagine space-themed candy bites in a metalized, futuristic-looking pouch or organic yogurt-covered raisins in a soft-touch matte pouch.

  1. Film

Today, eco friendly packaging is important to manufacturers and consumers alike. If you seek customizable, sustainable packaging options, you can find them in today’s market. Recyclable polyethylene, post-consumer recyclable, and compostable films are among the options available to you. Recyclable PE films are fully recyclable, while repurposed PCR films can form new packaging material. Compostable films can break down into non-toxic components and return to the earth.

  1. Exterior

Thanks to your flexible packaging’s highly printable films, you can use high-quality images, vibrant colors and thoughtful text to promote your product and instruct consumers as to its ingredients, use and storage. Whether you choose a stand-up or a lay-flat pouch, you have the option of customizing its exterior to promote your product. It’s akin to treating your packaging as a flexible, mobile billboard. The digital printing process allows for crisp, highly readable images and text, which appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Explore Your Options Today

If you’re ready to delve further into customizing your flexible packaging needs, contact your local professionals today. From custom frozen food packaging to the child- and tear-resistant pouch options, they can work with you on your unique needs. Their goal is to help you decide on the solution that’s right for your product.

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