Print Services 101 Exploring the options when starting a print job

Print Services 101: Exploring the options when starting a print job

Starting a print job is not as easy as it seems, it involves a major business decision that might involve valuable funds for your company. It may be worthy to take particular attention to these decisions as it will shape your business work moving forward. It is difficult to start deciding something that is far into the future, but whether you start now or next year, start by deciding how much large printing you intend to do over the next few years.

Printing equipment is expected to last for several years, so your decision making should revolve around the big question of whether to buy, lease or outsource your company’s printing. If you plan to do more printing, then perhaps it makes more sense to buy printers because it’s not only a cheap option but also provides flexibility. Leasing, on the other hand, is another option that does not require upfront money. But if you don’t want any hassle or any commitment try outsourcing your printing services to reputable companies like bannershop, offers services including brochures, exhibition display and stickers australia.

Each option has its pros and cons, so feel free to explore as much as you need depending on the type of business you have. This article will help you check this option to guide you in your next print job.


The important thing to remember is to know what you need in your business, how you need it and how long you are going to need the printing services. Leasing might be a great alternative option in the short term because it doesn’t tie up as much cash and instead of spending a capital cost you will be spending only a monthly expense.

Instead of buying a 22 dollar equipment, the company will lease it to you for several years, say over five years at $440 a month. This will add up more money or nearly $5,000 extra to finance the lease. This is a disadvantage if you want to lease it for a shorter period because the monthly payment goes up.

On the good side, you get to have the printer as if you own it. You have the control and use it as often as you like.


Buying a large-format printer may sound costly, but it comes with advantages might work best for your business. It can let you print posters, vinyl stickers australia, banners and large items whenever you want. This means you can use it according to your schedule and adjust the output to exactly how you need it.

You can also print large materials right away and never have to go through the hassle of booking a print service. You can prioritize your work because you have control of the output.

Outsourcing to a contractor

The last option you can explore is by working with a reliable print shop, someone that you trust to get the job done for you. The good thing about it is it will not cost you monthly lease payment because someone else owns and operates the machinery. However, the downside of outsourcing is usually more expensive as they charge on a per-print basis and generally stay the same.

Employees of a printing company are professionals and experts which means they know what they are doing, give your order on time and gives the best quality depending on the company you hired.

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