cooking team building activities in Singapore

Take Ultimate Cooking Classes at D’Open Kitchen

Are you living in Singapore and want to become a top chef? Then take part in the challenges of D’Open Kitchen. This is one of the best cooking platforms in which you will learn from the top chef of Singapore, and you will also get the chance to take part in the different challenges to enhance your cooking skills. At this platform, you can take different types of cooking classes in which you will learn different signature dishes of top chefs. For becoming a top chef, you can take part with your team on this platform and prepare meals that impress the head chef and judges of D’Open Kitchen. For taking part in cooking team building activities in Singapore, then you can depend on the D’Open Kitchen.

cooking team building activities in Singapore

  • Master Class: If you are passionate about cooking, then you will get the chance to take your cooking skills to the next level. At D’Open Kitchen, they offer the cooking classes, and in their master class, you will learn a lot of things about cooking. In their cooking class, they will start with the basic cooking classes to culinary depths to achieve skills to prepare the master cuisine. Set your main dish and culinary to make a perfect meal to impress the judge. If you are love to do the cooking and you have a group of 4 to 8 people, then D’Open Kitchen will make a suitable menu for you in which you can easily prepare all the meals.
  • Fear Factor: In this class, they will provide you the opportunity to get rid of your fears while cooking. At D’Open Kitchen, they offer a cooking team building activities in which you can take part and prepare the meals to impress the judge. At Fear factors class, they will give the lessons on how to prepare the means by using the different types of seafood, which include the crabs, fish, lobster fish, and frog legs, etc. By doing this, it will reduce your fear of seafood, and you will prepare the meals by taking your choice of seafood.
  • Top Chef: In the top chef class, you can take part in preparing the meals to impress the judges along with your teammates. Before the task or challenge started, the head chef of D’Open Kitchen will reveal one meal from the entrée, main and dessert which you get the chance to taste, and after that, you have to prepare that meal in the fix time limit. Every team that tastes the food will have to recreate the meals according to their taste in between the time limit. Apart from the signature dish, each team should have to prepare two different meals to complete the challenges.

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