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There are so many ideas in the world that cannot be put into reality because of money. New technologies are present, yet inventors and startup teams do not have enough money to support them. People who want to help society have the best technology ask assistance from some prominent investors. One good and a fine investor can be found at smart city investment funds proptech vc funds.

The smart city will help any startup team as long as one makes a technology aligned in agriculture, Robotics Inspection, Logistics, etc. Smart cities will then support three significant areas. The first is by getting investors and doing fundraising next is technical support. Lastly is to commercialize the product by presenting it in the new market and expose it to other companies.

The requirement in applying at Smart City

To apply for proptech vc funds help, one should have the requirements:

  • Ensure that the product or technology is aligned into one of the investment verticals of a smart city.
  • Make sure also that the startup’s product is nearing the phase of finalizing its design.
  • To be qualified, a startup should have two co-founders with experience in the industry.
  • Ensure that one’s technology has high growth potential.
  • Ensure that products are validated and that they will gather the interest of future customers in a short period by commercializing.

Investment verticals of Smart City

For society to grow, one should focus on helping agriculture advance. Making any technology connected to agriculture will help since it would be easier to produce food. A technology that is inline in advancing the manufacturing industry would also be terrific. It will help factories to produce and meet the demands of their customers in a short time.

Drones and robotics are also good products because of their complexity in the process of making. It is also a helpful technology since it will have many features and can still be developed in the future. It is also easier to inspect and record things by using a drone, one reason it is worth supporting such technologies.

Cyber security is also one of the investment verticals of the Smart City. People are all present in the internet world, so software or technology can protect the netizens. It is also a timely technology since nowadays there are so many crimes happening in the internet world. Using cyber security can lessen the number of people who will be abused and get scammed by internet criminals.

Inspection technologies are also part of the investment verticals. A technology that also has a feature for security. Many cases of terrorism and thief are present in the modern age, to decrease that an inspection technology would be a big help. Big companies and Malls need such products so it will be worth the money to invest.

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