What makes Oahu pro painters, the best house painting service?

During this time of COVID pandemic, oahupropainters.com assures you of zero contact, safe as well as seamless home wall painting experience.

Oahu pro painters’ customer executives, as well as service partners, are well equipped with the kits that consist of masks, gloves, caps, digital thermometer, hand sanitizer as well as a disinfectant that will be used during the whole painting process in order to ensure full safety and hygiene.

Oahu pro painters pioneered house painting services by being the first painting service near Hawaii to introduce its customers to an all-round service experience which consists of at-home consultancy, site recce as well as estimation, trained painters which use automatic tools, site supervision, and a dust-free, faster and also a better painting job.

What makes Oahu pro painters the right choice?


  1. We provide you with zero contact service. Our painters are trained as well as certified on safety and hygiene.
  2. Our painters utilized a health and safety kit (mask, gloves, cap, and also sanitizers)
  3. We provide you with daily disinfection of tools and regularly touched surfaces.
  4. Provides you with on-site delivery of sanitized products.


    1. Our trained painter’s utilized time-saving processes
  1. We use mechanical tools for faster painting.
  2. We provide you with site supervision for on-time delivery.


  1. We use furniture and floor covers to protect your valuables
  2. We assure the dust-free painting
  3. Offer you disinfection of regularly touched surfaces.
  4. Our floor cleaning as well as disinfection kills all the germs as well as removes spots.
  5. At last post-painting site clean-up is done.

We are everywhere in Hawaii

Oahupropainters.com is a professional local painting contractor which is near Hawaii which will cater to your interior and exterior painting projects for both commercials as well as residential spaces. We provide you service in Oahu as well as at least 11 other major areas of Hawaii and more. we consider that your residential or your commercial property was built out of a lot of hard work and efforts and we try to do our best in order to protect your investment and maximize its value by doing a top-quality paint job which is done by our professional painters. We are specialized in various professional painting jobs which range from classic vintage house projects to state of the art modern designs.

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