Machinery and equipment are important for every industry to meet the people’s demand and there should always be a good balance between demand and supply. To meet all the criteria, purchase the best and ever-lasting equipment parts.

The grabe industry is an equipment developing unit founded in the year 2003 in Sao Paulo city and now it is at Itatiba South Province. It was developed by professionals with 30 years of experience to support the agriculture, manufacturing, and industrial sectors. They use the trending technology to produce excellent quality and high finish products. You can even get customized products as per the need and requirement.

Manufactured Equipment


Industrial Aerators are used in wastewater and sewage treatment to locomote a high volume of liquids, increase the level of oxygen in the water, and improves the growth of microorganisms in the aerated water. The grabe industry develops the product with a single durable shaft and a rotating assembly balanced dynamically. It makes the machine function with less vibration, and hence it requires only minimal maintenance and gives longer usage.

They develop fountains and paddle aerators to pump the water flow up by a fan, and it will circulate the water up to a 10meter radius. It is mainly used in the fish farming industry to produce oxygen thru the droplets of water and air. The grabe fountains use thin to fetch the water from a deeper layer. It reduces the nitrite and ammonia level by improving the quality of water. You can get this item without a doubt to improve the productivity and profitability of the organisms in the breeding pond. It can even be used in the textile, paper, food, and dairy industries.


Drinking water should always be healthy, hygienic, and clean. But now it is available only with impurities and tastes too salty due to groundwater pollution. Grabe’s decanter is used to remove the impurities and solid particles from the water to make it pure. Based on the client’s need, they manufacture two types of decanters and they are Lamellar and Dortmund. It is much useful in the rainwater harvesting and treatment, chemical or biological industries to remove sand and solid particles sediment on chemicals.

Drum pumps:

They are used mostly in the chemical and fuel industry to remove the fuels, chemicals, and solvents more safely without any hazards. It is mainly designed to maintain hazard free safe work environment. Here at Grabe, you can purchase both the manual and motorized drum pumps based upon the industry type and discharged liquid volumes.

Press filters:

It is used to separate solid and liquid in the chemical industry, fertilizer manufacturing, water, and sewage treatment. Grabe is the biggest company to manufacture and supply these press filters at the best price.

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