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Technology has brought about a drastic change in this new era. Every technology-related company is trying to bring in more innovation to make life more simple. Zebra Technologies Corporation is one among them. It came into existence in 1969 as “data specialties incorporated,” a manufacturer of the highest speed electromechanical product. Later on, it focused on specialty on-demand labeling and ticketing system in 1982. In 1986, it changed its name to Zebra Technologies Corporation. It has built its brand image through quality technology solutions.

Zebra Technologies Corporation has acquired reputed companies such as Comtec Information System in 2000, Atlantek Inc in 2003, Retail System International in 2005, Swecoin, Wherenet Corp, Proveo AG, and Navis Holding in 2006. It has become one of the giant companies with a larger brand image. Zebra Technologies serve the healthcare, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, and retail industries.

Zebra’s Smart Innovations

Zebra’s progress has seen flying colors through its innovative products. Let us look at the products that Zebra Technologies Corporation has to offer.

Mobile Computer

Mobile computers by Zebra has made work more efficient and effective. It can be used anywhere; between four walls or outside on the field. There are 6 types of mobile computers. Those are handheld computers, wearable computers, vehicle mounted computers, tablets, mobility DNA, narrowband digital wireless, and handheld RFID readers. These products are used by top companies for better work performance.


Zebra manufactures 7 different types of printers that satisfy every type of customer. It includes desktop printers, industrial printers, mobile printers, card printers, RFID printers, Kiosk printers, and print engines. These printers are reliable and give you quality printouts every moment.


Zebra manufactures a large portfolio of scanners that can be used in various sectors of the economy. The scanners include General purpose scanner, Rugged scanner, Ultra Rugged scanner, multi-plane scanner, Healthcare scanner, Companion scanner, fixed mount scanner, and Zebra 2D imager. Most of the Zebra’s scanners are used to diagnose patients and treat them without any mistakes.

Printing Supplies

Zebra also manufactures printing supplies that consist of barcode labels and tags, custom supplies, laser thermal, RFID wristbands, RFID labels, ribbons, and receipt papers.

Locating Systems Hardware and Softwares

It manufactures locating systems hardware and software, which makes it easy to track personnel anywhere. It comprises of Ultra wideband solutions, Wherenet, Zebra Bluetooth low energy devices, RFID products, and Savanna location engine.

Zebra manufactures handheld tablets that are easy to use and help complete work faster. The produced tablets are L10 series, Xslate R12, ET5x series, D10, B10, and XC6.

Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Kiosks manufactured by Zebra are CC600, CC5000, MK500 Micro Kiosk, MK3100 Micro Kiosk.


Zebra manufactures its own accessories such as for mobile and tablet, printer and print engines, barcode scanners and image scanners, and for the interactive kiosk.


Zebra technologies also built software for their products such as barcode printing software, card printing software, barcode scanning software, savanna software, Zebra DNA software, mobile computer software, and RFID reader software.

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