Give your customers the best experience with the virtual reception

Adopting new technologies for every business is essential. The customers always expect the best services from the starting receptionist to getting your services. Therefore, investing in the right technology helps your business in a great way. One of the important things in any of the business service providers is the receptionist. They should provide the right details about the services and provide the proper guidance to the customers. But with the increased calls, it can be hard to manage the tasks. This is where many businesses or opting for live video reception kiosks.

This system can be used in any service if the business deals to answer the questions of the customers. Teleportel is the leading service provider of Virtual Reception Kiosks. You can reach them to implement this technology in your business. You can get customized solutions for your business from their services. Also, you could find the different plans and you can choose the one according to your business needs.

virtual reception

How does a Virtual reception Kiosk work?

This is a system that helps to manage the workload of a live receptionist. This system can be placed on the building entryway and depending on the requests of the visitors or customers the system works. You can design the system according to your needs. You can have a live real receptionist to talk with your customers. Also, the receptionist can reach customers from any part of the world.

The real receptionist talks directly to the customers. They first detect all the visitors, provide a warm welcome, and guide according to their needs. These days it is easy to get touchless virtual reception that can be great for the hospital in this pandemic situation. With eye contact, it is easy to interact with the receptionist.

Also, the system works automatically with the sensors and greets the visitors. Later, it works according to the customer’s needs. It is the best technology that you can implement in your business and can give the best experience to the customers without making them wait. You can place them in any of your business spaces.

However, the system should be well-designed and executed properly to enjoy the benefits. With the help of Teleportel services provide you could achieve the virtual reception easily. They are experts in providing live video reception solutions and so you will receive the best services for your business.

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