Ryan Kavanaugh: How Did He Become A Movie Mogul

How Successful Is Ryan Kavanaugh? Find Out Here!

If you are working in the entertainment industry, there is no way that you would not hear the name, Ryan Kavanaugh. He is one of the most successful names in this business. If you want to know how he became The Ryan Kavanaugh, then this article is for you. Let’s go ahead and look back at the experiences of this movie mogul and how he became successful.

What Happened After UCLA?

Ryan Kavanaugh attended UCLA. Then, he decided to enter the entertainment industry. He became active in finance and investment. His small venture capital firm struggled because of the 09/11 attacks, but it survived. Kavanaugh then worked as a consultant for smaller venture capitalists until in the late 90s when he decided to follow another path. He asked his dad if he could lend him $50,000 to start his hedge fund, but he declined.

Ryan Kavanaugh

The Birth of Relativity Media

Without financial support from his dad, this did not stop him from pursuing his goals. With Relativity, Kavanaugh created a business model for the movie industry. Because of this, Relativity Media became a massive name in the industry. Kavanaugh started producing, distributing and created structured financing for films.

All in all, he had 200 films and generated around $20 billion from worldwide box office revenue. Kavanaugh also earned 60 Oscar nominations while with Relativity. And this made him the 25th highest-grossing film producer of his generation.

Ryan Kavanaugh Other Businesses

Other than Relativity Media, Ryan Kavanaugh also launched the Independent Sports & Entertainment. A sports agency which he helped grow and became the 2nd largest sports agency in the United States. Kavanaugh then ventured into the television industry. He created a television company, Critical Content.

Aside from movies and television, Ryan Kavanaugh also invested in tech and biotech companies, and this includes PreCash (Noventus). He also seeds invested in Juno, which is 2014s largest biotech IPO. He also acquired Triller, a social media and music app. Kavanaugh did not stop there. He also launched Skyland Entertainment, and the first U.S. company granted a government-issued license for film distribution in China.

Achievements and Awards

To prove his success, Ryan Kavanaugh also earned awards. He became Variety’s Producer of the Year and Hollywood Reporter’s Leadership Awardee. He also made the list of individuals included in Fortune’s 40 Under 40 Most Influential People in Business and Forbes’ Future 400 and Daily Variety’s Billion-Dollar Producer. To top it all off, Ryan Kavanaugh is also one of Vanity Fairs’ 100 Most Influential People in the World. i

Ryan Kavanaugh has been through so much in life. If you have read above, you would be impressed by his achievements. But all of these were not handed to him in a silver platter. He worked hard to achieve them and became who he is today.

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