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How to hire a catering service for an event

Knowing how to hire a catering service is not easy if you do not know where to start, or what to look for to decide on one or the other.

Since choosing a good catering service at caterer hong kong can be the difference that makes a good taste in the mouth of the guests.

How to contract a catering service according to the type of event

As you know in this sector, there are many types of caterer services   and even more, type of events.

Events for corporate, private, weddings, communions…

That is why it is crucial to first know the type of event for which you are going to hire a specific catering service.

For example, our team can move to wherever you want or need.

Once you are clear about the type of event, touch the difficult.

Legal requirements of a catering service

It can be said that this step is one of the most important.

This is due to the fact that there are many ‘pirate’ companies that do not have the necessary documentation to be able to act as ‘catering services company’.

And for that you must be very attentive.

What are these legal requirements?

The sanitary registration number of catering

It is a specific permit from Catering , and not from another service activity.

Therefore, it is a fundamental requirement . Since a catering company that does not have this permit, is not authorized to provide catering services.

On the other hand, if you hire a service without this Sanitary Registry number, you should know that you, as a client, assume all responsibility , in case there is damage to the health of the guests.

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The municipal license for the classified activity

The competences in this matter have been transferred to the autonomous communities, which are the ones that determine which activities are classified and which of them are subject to a regime of prior administrative authorization .

This has led to the proliferation of a large number of special cases and special circumstances that can cause an activity to be classified in one autonomous community and not in another, and that the procedures to initiate it vary widely between municipalities.


Where there seems to be consensus is in the generic definition of classified or classified activity. Thus, for the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, a qualified activity?? is that annoying, unhealthy, harmful and / or dangerous that requires adopting sanitary, safety and / or environmental corrective measures,  being subject to obtain operating license the exercise of any activity of this type.


Each autonomous community has a list of activities that are considered annoying, unhealthy, harmful and / or dangerous within their territory. If our activity is in that list of the CA in which we intend to carry it out, we must request municipal authorization for the installation (in the case of new activities) and start of classified activity.

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