How to Prepare for Certification

How to Prepare for Certification

Anybody interested in starting out a professional career in Data Privacy should consider obtaining any of the certifications provided by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). This is especially vital for current privacy professionals, considering the lack of available professional training in most countries at the moment.

IAPP Singapore describes itself as the biggest and most comprehensive global information privacy community and resource.

IAPP Singapore has three types of certifications: The CIPP (Certified Information Privacy Professional), the CIPT (Certified Information Privacy Technologist), and the CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Manager)

The CIPP has concentrations on different countries. The CIPM certification stresses on privacy program administration. As the IAPP Singapore website describes it, the CIPM is the world’s first and only certification in privacy program management. Diversely, the CIPT certification focuses on technology professionals who are interested in learning how data privacy protection can be integrated as a core component of their services and products. Like the CIPM, the CIPT is the only credential of its kind.

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So, how does one obtain a certification? You get certified as soon as you pass the certification exams. Fortunately, you find out the result of the exam a minute or two after you submit your exam answers. Yes, it’s that fast! It is the preparation for the certification exam that will take a bit of time.

How do you prepare? The IAPP Singapore gives you several options:

Attend an In-Person Training

You can check the IAPP website for more information on training available in Southeast Asia.

Do Online Training

You can buy access to the IAPP’s online training platform, where you can study for the test at your own pace and time. The online training option is a bit pricey, but it does have the added perks of being accessible forever. This means that you can access the refresher training whenever you need it, as well as tap into updated materials when the IAPP makes major modifications on the course.

Purchase the Books and Review on Your Own

This is the cheapest option but it is no less effective than the other two methods. For better results, buy  the textbook Introduction to Privacy, too. This is tantamount to big savings, especially that the exam is already quite expensive. Reading the specified review books is important to adequate preparation because there were some questions on topics that were not discussed in the training but were in the book.

One Last Tip:

On exam day, try to avoid bringing too many things with you. You will be requested to leave your belongings inside a small locker so your books may not fit. Nevertheless, you do not need to do a last-minute review, since the test requires you to apply your privacy management knowledge. Given the nature of the certification exam, if you are not ready by exam day you won’t be able to cram for it a few minutes before.

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