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How to Use SEO To Increase Online Visibility For Your SaaS Company

These days, there are numerous SaaS businesses competing for the hearts and minds of people online. Because of this, SaaS companies need to be doing anything they can to get exposure for their business. In the online arena, social media is overall not a great solution for SaaS businesses. This is because social media is generally considered a B2C selling platform, and although LinkedIn is a popular tool for software sales, it is often not enough. As such, all SaaS businesses should consider investing in a SaaS SEO strategy. With that in mind, read on to follow the steps in this SaaS SEO guide that will best help you develop a comprehensive strategy.

Know Your Keywords

Keyword research is fundamental to all SEO efforts, but is especially important for SaaS companies. This is because SaaS companies have highly specific software solutions that are normally very niche, and will need to use a combination of ‘sell’ keywords and longtail informational keywords to get the best results. To do this, it is best that you either hire an SEO agency that specializes in SaaS businesses or work with a consultant and learn to use SEO tools to perform this keyword research.

Follow Correct Technical Structure

Above all else, SEO is about how Google reads and reacts to your website. As such, you need to make sure that Google can crawl your website correctly. There are various ways to do this, but some of the most important include: removing 404s, improving page speed and load time, removing duplicate content, improving navigation menus to be more SEO-friendly, and adding robots.txt and sitemap.xml files to your website. Doing all of this will give your SaaS company an immediate rankings boost

Build Out Content and Links

There is perhaps no more important component to a good SEO strategy than content and links. For SaaS companies, they should pair their content strategy with their link strategy, and build links to good pieces of content and high value ‘sell’ pages on their website. Each of these pages must be paired with a keyword from their keyword strategy, and each page that has links being built to it must also be optimized toward that keyword. Following this strategy will make sure that all of your ongoing SEO efforts are well-optimized, and that you’re getting value out of your SaaS marketing efforts.

In Summary

While SaaS businesses need to use multiple marketing channels to achieve results, SEO is often underrated, and can often have some of the best results of any marketing channel. As such, any SaaS business that is struggling to connect with customers online through efforts such as social media marketing may want to consider diverting at least part of their budget to SEO. After all, SEO for SaaS companies is known to get great results, and there’s no greater way to generate sales than to anticipate what people are searching and make sure you are among the top ranked websites for keywords relevant to your SaaS business.

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