International Newsroom Asia and global PR distribution

International Newsroom Asia and global PR distribution

As a Global pr distribution, we believe innovation is not just about building new features but developing technology that evolves with the ambitions of our customers. That’s why we engineered the newsroom asia to be more than just another platform to distribute your press releases because your needs have changed your audience and how they access news has changed. The insight you need to be more strategic has changed that is what drives the evolution of newsroom Asia, and this is why it may be time to switch to it leverages the same data center that powers our information security team partners and us with leading firms to implement the latest safeguards against someone accessing your news. 

Relevant Media Outlets

Before you want to share it with the world, our dedicated team is adding hundreds of partners to the newsroom Asia distribution network this year to expand your reach to high-quality, relevant media outlets around the world. We know you don’t have time to juggle multiple logins and platforms, so we integrated our media contact database to give you easy access to comprehensive profiles and editorial calendars verified for accuracy by a team of more than sufficient analysts; our newsroom analytics help you tell a story about the impact of your releases.

global pr distribution

Still, it doesn’t stop with distribution with our customized media intelligence. You can easily monitor daily coverage and industry developments and then get deeper analysis to cover its trends to help you see the big picture; it’s time for more strategic insight. It’s time for world-class security; it’s time for tools that don’t just work but work together; it’s time to switch to newsroom Asia to get you started.

What is a press release? 

A press release is a documented way of communication designed and operated in such a way to give news outlets or simple information about a newsworthy event or development with such a representation that makes them bound to publish it. It’s a great way to promote news about your business, event, organization, or product; global pr distribution services provide press releases to reporters, journalists, and media outlets and get your news in front of more people. An efficient and relatively affordable option that helps distribute press releases to a wide network of media contacts. If exposure for your business, organization, or event is what’s most important is your best choice.

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