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 The last year of 2020 has been tough for not some but all the people around the globe. No one was happy with how the year 2020 went by. The year 2020 impacted everyone’s life in a big way and mostly in a bad way. Coronavirus pandemic hit the world last year in 2020 and it changed everything. The pandemic affected the life of every person on this planet. People had to go through tougher times due to this pandemic. This pandemic took them by shock as it suddenly started and spread at a fast rate. The main problem was the lack of proper coronavirus treatment when coronavirus happened last year.

It is the main reason why the world went into lockdown when coronavirus hit the world. Staying in lockdown was not easy for anyone as people are living in such a fast-paced world that they have always been on the move their entire life and, never have they stayed home. In this lockdown, people could not go anywhere and had to stay indoors no matter what as it was a matter of safety of the person and their loved ones as the coronavirus was spread through air and contact. No one wanted to risk their life or the lives of their loved ones so, everyone stayed indoors and followed the lockdown rules and regulations but, it was not at all easy for anyone. It was difficult for all to cope up with.

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Positive side

Although the lockdown was tough for all like always there was a silver lining to it. There were some benefits one gained from the lockdown such as:

  • More time to relax
  • Spend quality time with family and loved ones
  • Got time to get in touch with people with whom contact was lost
  • Got comfortable with the use of technology
  • Learned the uses of the internet
  • Got time to work on oneself
  • Develop some new skills as had some extra time in hand

These were some of the benefits that came with the lockdown. It surely did not mean that it was good for the lockdown to happen but, it is just a way of looking at things positively. Since people got comfortable with the use of technology, people learned that technology can be used to enjoy their favourite activities as well. Like people who love to play games could play the amazing race online anytime they wanted from the comfort of their homes.

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