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Cargo shipping is the shipping big and medium-sized businesses opt for. Cargo shipping mainly deals with the shipment of large-sized goods and oversized goods. Modern shipping that works in today’s world is not only about the shipment of goods from one place to another. Shipping companies have to also offer services like warehouse management, freight transport, order receival and confirmation, load, and delivery.

Their supply chain management should be very effective to compete with other shipping services companies. Many big shipping companies work by networking with various small businesses that operate in the same market.

Shipping large items can be considered in two parts- freights and parcels. Parcels with 40kgs and above weight and big dimensions are oversized shipment items. Look out for proper plans offered by companies, their delivery, and pricing policy before placing any order for shipment.

Most companies in the business already have a streamlined shipping management system. They have all the connections working, so they can contact any particular department if issues arise while shipping their client’s products. This helps the companies to pay attention to every single factor and smoothly run the project.

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As a customer, you should research all these components of the shipping company you are finalizing before placing your order. Freight management is generally offered within the country or internationally. International shipment and freight management come with their own set of challenges and difficulties. Freight is the goods transported from one place to another via road, truck, train, ship, or cargo plane.

Delivery costs, customer service, and specialization of the shipment company are essential determining factors that clients and customers compare before opting for any shipment service.

Some companies offer specialized shipping; for example, they look forward to the type of product to be shipped, if it is perishable or extra care has to be taken for its transit, packaging that varies from product to product, temperature of transport, etc. The price also varies accordingly.


It is a shipping service widely preferred by customers in Indonesia. Dakota Cargo Surabaya offers four different types of trucks for cargo transit. The company’s chosen vehicles are trucks of Double Engkel, Fuso, and Tronton. Dakota mainly optimizes the shipping of goods over long distances using heavy trucks.

The company has ten offices in and around Indonesia, aiding its shipping business. Dakota Cargo Surabaya provides customer support via WhatsApp and phone; their response time is well under one minute. They also levy a fee of up to 0.3% of the value of the goods they transit. This shows the quality of work they promise to do.

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