ACS Company Incorporation Packages

The ACS Company Incorporation Packages

The ACS Company is one of the best company incorporating services. This organization helps in company setting and maintaining the company for their clients by helping them through the amalgamations of the best team around the world to assist the clients. More about these can be referred to from the official website of ACS that is

The incorporation fees

The fee structure of ACS is quite competitive and unmatched. Cost is inclusive of all the services that the package contains. By the means of such services one can quickly start a business of their own without much hassles and hitches in work. More about the incorporation packages can be known from however a brief stroll to them has been listed below.

Before the list of the packages is discussed it is important to now the 3 types of packages and their pricing

  1. Package 1: Company Secretarial Package

Cost: 725 US$

  1. Package 2: Business Address Package

Cost: 1,125 US$

  1. Package 3: Virtual Office Package

Cost: 1,725 US$

Package contents

Now since the pricings of the different packages are known it is important to know the services each package complements.

The services that the package’s include are:

  • Searching of the appropriate name for the company patent which is subject to availability. This provision is present for all the packages.
  • Provision and formation of the legal documents in the name of the company which might later require the signatures of the client. This service too is present for all the 3 packages.
  • Fee submission: assistance in covering the costs and the submission fees for the incorporation and the fee for business registration. This feature is also covered by all the three above listed packages.
  • Hand overing of the company kit: as for the company kit is considered it is handed over to all the clients irrespective of which package they choose. The company kit incorporates copies generally 10 in number of the association articles, share certificates, stamp for the company, seals for the company, shareholding and director nominee registers and the minute book.
  • Bank assistance: the company also helps with choosing the appropriate banks and a guide to the bank account opening and related advices.
  • Provision of company incorporation documents which are generally required for opening of banks in Hong Kong.
  • Office address provision is a feature only for the clients of package of 2 and 3 and not package 1.
  • Telephone number and telephone answering services provision is a facility only for the clients of package 3 and not for the clients of package of 1 and 2.

One benefit of going for ACS is that all of their fees is inclusive of the private fees of ACS plus the government fees of all the procedures which occur all through.

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