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What is expatriate medical insurance?

Expat insurance is an international health insurance that covers the most important costs such as routine medical expenses, hospitalization and repatriation. The health security given meets the numerous criteria for minimum medical coverage. Expats are guaranteed to be well covered around the world . Don’t hesitate to compare the different international medical insurances. Few offers you to study with you your current medical coverage and the various possible insurances for you based on your budget and your needs expatriate medical insurance.

Do I need health insurance

If you go to work in as a second, you will benefit from Social Security during your stay and, given the high medical cost, it is essential to take out additional health insurance. If you are leaving as an expat (all other situations), you will no longer benefit from social Security and it is essential to take out health insurance for expatriates. Depending on the situation, you can take out supplementary insurance to the CFE or insurance from your company. There are many exceptions, particularly for small businesses, entrepreneurs, expats, international students.

As a simple traveler or on a professional mission, it is essential to take out health insurance before traveling.

expatriate medical insurance

What health insurance

Buy GoldExpat insurance for your expat

To accompany you on your expatriation, few companies offers GoldExpat, the ideal US insurance suitable for expats in the United States. GoldExpat is:

Management of hospitalization of real costs: Hospitalization must be paid back at 100% of real expenses incurred, it is an actual urgency for insurety. The taxes of hospitalization are compared to the elevated in the world, it is essential that you are 100% covered in the event of an accident.

Liabilities : Living hidden is one aspect, but being wrapped for damage is caused to another. Imagine breaking a store window for being at fault. Your medical treatment if you are wounded and advantage from our security will obviously be seized care of. But if you don’t have civil liability in your insurance, then the costs of paying the shop owner to repair his window will not be covered by your insurance and you risk paying a lot.

Repatriation benefits : There are several medical cases or circumstances where repatriation to the nation of origin is compelled or highly proposed. If local security will never authorize repatriation, worldwide health safety may allow you to refund to your region for therapy.

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