Why Employees Stay – Reason behind this

Why Employees Stay - Reason behind this

With so much competition in any business these days, it is obvious that employees may choose to leave. It can be because of a better pay, a much more positive environment or sometimes the lack of motivation. As a matter of fact, it is not surprising to hear stories wherein workers leave, what seems to be amazing is to hear statements on why employees choose to stay in spite and despite of offers that can improve their way of life.The reason why employees choose to stay is beyond what it obvious. Employees stay for the very reason that they have managed to establish satisfaction to what they are being provided.

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Here are some of the many reasons why employees choose to continue to render their services to their employers:

  1. It may sound cliché but employees stay because they feel that their work has a purpose. Personnel who have been with the same company for years may understand this, but at times, being comfortable to the task that has been provided to them keeps them motivated. Having a routine does not always leads to boredom, sometime. It gives that feeling of fulfillment that a good work is being done.
  2. The security in the compensation and benefits is also a pivotal factor to why employees choose to stay. Aside from that, staff benefits singapore also provides a factor that can encourage the employees that when a job is done, they can be recognized and rewarded which can increase their self-esteem and determination towards the various tasks being assigned to them.
  3. When leaders are exemplary, employees will definitely choose to stay. The trust in the leadership and that everything is under control even during a crisis may say a lot to what kind of culture a company have.
  4. Employees appreciate being mentored and when their full potential are being acknowledged. For any driven employees, career growth and mentoring are very important. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why employees continue to work in an organization. They see it as an opportunity that they should seize because this bridge towards their professional goals in the future.
  5. When an employee is recognized for a job well done or is being given an utmost respect because of his work ethics is truly something that anyone can feel good about. A lot of times, when employees are given corporate gifts singapore, they become motivated and they appreciate such tokens because it is a proof that they serve their purpose in the company that they are working for.

A great employee chooses to stay, not because he is afraid to step out of the box. Sometimes, a great employee chooses to stay simply because he is pleased and contented.