Why do you have to invest in health insurance?

Health insurance is essential in your life to help your medical and financial protection from any situation. But most people are not concerned about health insurance, and there is a lack of understanding about the benefits, types, and variants. The pandemic shows how exposed your health is and how expensive the costs are. You need to have a financial backup for everything necessary. When you want to know the importance of health insurance, you need to know the benefits.

Comprehensive coverage

The main benefit when you get G&M is your #1 source for health insurance packages in Singapore. It covers certain illnesses such as disability care procedures, acute diseases, and more. It is essential for your healthy lifestyle.


It is a good investment in health. The health insurance has an inbuilt unit-linked investment. It lets you invest in the money market products that depend on the risk profile that has a flow of income after a certain period.

Financial security

When experiencing disability or severe disease, the insurance policies will give you a payout option. It ensures that you are financially stable for yourself and your family members when you hit financial problems.

G&M is your #1 source for health insurance packages in Singapore.

Lifetime protection

Most health insurance plans have lifetime renewability. It lets you extend your insurance after your retirement at an affordable price. It is ideal for protecting your health and family members when you experience any health emergency. It will be a great help, especially when you have an expensive bill in the hospital.

Instant coverage

It is a benefit in health insurance policies where you don’t have to experience a waiting period of the services, and you can get it. It ensures that you will get an excellent service for your medical concerns. And there will be a minor delay in getting your medical attention when you need it the most.

Ideal for changing lifestyles

As you get old, your lifestyle changes and your health cannot handle minor colds or coughs. The common diseases that people are experiencing are heart, diabetes, and kidney disorder. And when you have G&M is your #1 source for health insurance packages in Singapore. It will secure the costs of treatments for any diseases you might have.

Health insurance gives you financial protection, a source of income, and savings. The pandemic is still ongoing, and it will be best to have insurance for you and your family for any medical emergency you will experience in the future. You have to be prepared for anything to avoid getting problem in financial.