How Can Errors in Translation Services Harm Your Company?

If you work for a company that offers products and services or provides content for different countries, you know that translations are part of everyday life. However, translation errors are much more important and relevant than you might think.

It may be that they go unnoticed when translating, but as soon as a potential customer realizes the error, the impact caused by the error can be very serious, even damaging the image that your company has on the market.

Understand better how errors and translation failures can be very damaging to your company’s image and reliability to customers and the marketplace.

How can translation errors get in the way of my business?

 Basically, this question comes down to one word: credibility. When there are errors in documents or content translated into other languages, other people’s view of the company becomes different.

The translation errors may not have a very large impact on the country, but when it comes to people who need to consume that content in the language to which the content has been translated, the impact will be enormous.

There are some common errors in document translation – this does not mean that they are more acceptable, but rather that their recurrence is often higher.

It is possible that the error is a spelling or semantic issue and may still allow you to understand what is meant, but when the error is caused by the wrong translation of a word or phrase whose meaning is absolutely different from the original content, the consequences may be be much more serious.

There are a few reasons that may explain the occurrence of these errors. It is essential that you carefully analyze whether this happens in your company and, if so, that you act quickly to prevent this from becoming a more serious problem.

What can cause errors in your company’s translations?

The following factors may be the source of errors, whether serious or not, in the translation of texts, documents, product descriptions, services and other content:

Automatic translations

Technology brings us a host of features that can make it easy to perform everyday activities. One is automatic translation , provided it is used properly.

For example, if you received a contact from a foreign client, but do not understand your language, the ideal is always to have a professional translator, but if there is none at the moment, there is no problem using Google Translate or another service of the type .

This may help you understand your potential customer’s request, but never to translate any content that others will see, such as text, descriptions and documents.

Machine translation errors are much more recurrent than those of professional translators, since the tools are based on algorithms that can fail. Therefore, do not rely on websites and automated solutions for professional services.

Translation Services

Translation companies without experience

Searching for a translation company is highly recommended so that the service is provided with quality, but it is essential that the chosen company has its quality proven. Otherwise, you may suffer from mistakes at translation agencies.

When relying on the service provided by companies with no experience and who do not have the necessary training to ensure the quality of their services, translation errors can be recurrent.

Therefore, double your attention and always choose experienced companies with proven quality.

 Translations by crowdsourcing

The translations by crowdsourcing refer to services that are delegated to a group of people, not a single translator. It is common to find this type of service on the internet for website translation, reviews and comments, but the choice may not be best for your business.

As it is a shared project, in which each participant involved will play a part, it is difficult to know who to turn to if there are translation errors, which can cause the problem that no one wants to take responsibility for the error. Therefore, this option can bring headaches due to poor service.

Invest in quality translations

See how translation errors can be much more serious than you think? In addition to financial losses – you can be in a legal trouble if your legal document gets incorrectly translated, so its always important to opt for a highly reputed legal translation company.

So that this does not happen, choose a reliable and respected Translation Services , so you will avoid any type of translation error and will not see your company go through such complicated and harmful situations.

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