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Online Trading: what it is, how it works and how to get started

How to trade online from scratch? But above all, what does it mean ? In this article we will understand the phenomenon of online trading that has led to a new profession: the online trader

If you are interested in learning how to operate on the financial markets, we recommend that you read our informative article on  how to trade online on an electronic trading platform.

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Online Trading: basic features

Today we deepen some topics, which we can summarize below:

what is online trading ;

how online trading works ;

how to start trading online ;

how to learn to trade online;

how to do safe online trading;

how to trade online from home

What do you need to start trading online?

In fact, we all know very well that investing in a new sector today is very difficult  for any novice trader. In this article we will therefore help you to overcome these difficulties, explaining the matter in a simple way and giving you useful tips  on how to trade online. The questions we will try to answer are different.

We will ask ourselves if:

doing online trading is convenient;

how much does it cost to do it;

if it is possible to trade for free .

If you are interested in all these topics, then, you just have to continue reading this guide.


With the expression online trading we are going to mean that investment activity that takes place on the financial markets , where people (also called ” online traders “) can buy and sell different assets, using various types of financial instruments .

Mainly with CFDs  , the profit for online traders derives from the difference between the purchase price and the sale price of the asset. By assets we mean  stocks , equity indices, currency pairs, commodities , and so on.

Therefore , trading online with CFDs in most cases means speculating .

Definitions are important and therefore we immediately clarify that “speculation” is not a negative concept. Indeed, speculating means analyzing, examining.


We can also say with certainty that trading online is legal. Obviously, our reference is only to those brokers who operate in online trading with all the authorizations required by law. Like everything that passes on the net, there is no shortage of abuses and scams. It’s all about choosing brokers that allow you to trade online safely and reliably.

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